Welcome to William Paterson University's Catholic Campus Ministry! My name is Fr. Phil. I can say a great deal about our ministry, but I think a welcome and invitation would come best from one of your peers and a club member, Lexie Metzler:



"We laugh, we joke, we hug, and we pray...(and we're a little crazy too)

Choosing a secular school like William Paterson over Seton Hall, I wondered how I would be able to dive deeper into my faith while at school. I went to Mass at WPU's Prince of Peace Chapel the first weekend of the school year and the more I went back, the more I realized I found my place to be with God. This past school year I have come to know these wonderful people as well as our fun-loving and admirable priest who has been here for us since day one. The adventures we have gone on, I wouldn't change for anything. I'm blessed to not have only found a place to worship, but a group of people who have become my second family. Whether you're Catholic or don't know what you believe in, when you come here, you'll find we've been waiting here for you with open arms. When you come here, you're home."



So, come and get involved! Online colleges that ensure veterinary technician jobs. There is always a place for everyone, Catholic or otherwise, here at Prince of Peace! Top rated nootropics to improve your cognitive function.



                Your Friend,

                      Fr. Philip-Michael